Angel Gonzalez Municipal Public Library

A spacious functional building for cultural uses.

The Ángel González Municipal Public Library is located in a new building that stands alongside the A5 motorway to Extremadura.

Designed by architect Carlos de Riaño, the building was inaugurated in 2010. It’s predominantly made of concrete and glass and is laid out around spacious terraces that provide the library with the necessary insulation from a road that carries such heavy traffic. The large glass windowpanes allow natural light to bathe the interior.

It has different rooms for consultation, reading and study, an assembly or multipurpose room, a number of children’s areas and a terrace. In the basement we find some of the building’s auxiliary spaces such as the car park and the loading and unloading area.

Updated: 12/04/2019

Useful information

Permit procedure

For the use of the multi-purpose rooms, please consult the conditions directly with the library. If there is availability, please make reservations using the form Application for use of multi-purpose rooms.

There are no administrative procedures for filming in the rest of the spaces of the libraries. City of Madrid Film Office can make an enquiry in this regard. For this purpose, download, fill in and send the form Production registration at least 15 days in advance to:



Angel Gonzalez Municipal Public Library
+34 915 123 542

Calle Granja de Torrehermosa 1,
28024 Madrid

Distrito: 10 Latina

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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