Calle del Acanto

Examples of industrial architecture on a road with a somewhat irregular layout.

Calle del Acanto is an urban road in the area of Méndez Álvaro in the Arganzuela district. Although the spaces and buildings of this former industrial zone have been gradually redesigned, these stretches still maintain the aesthetics of the industrial architecture of the early twentieth century that predominates in this area of Madrid due to its proximity to the rail network.

Laid out in the form of a cul-de-sac and with two straight sections, the road has little traffic. On one of those sections, we find a former industrial unit that was built in the first decade of the 1900s. Its designer was none other than Luis de Landecho, the renowned architect who designed the Hotel Ritz and the Ateneo de Madrid.

Built in brick and adorned with decorative details, this prime example of a factory of that era has architectural protection, merging as it does English industrial and Madrid Neo-Mudejar styles. Contemporary office blocks, a shopping centre and a multiplex cinema occupy another stretch of the street.

Updated: 11/04/2019

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Calle del Acanto
28045 Madrid

Distrito: 02 Arganzuela

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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