Canillejas Cycling Bridge

Bridge for bikes that is part of the city’s Green Belt for Cyclists

At the intersection of the Barcelona motorway (A-2) and the M-40 ring road there is a cycling bridge that offers a view of the traffic and the road with lots of signs in an urban area.

A paved bridge suitable for bicycles, accessible from Calle Mequinenza and a certain stretch section of Calle Alcalá, with entrances close to Canillejas metro station. It forms part of the city’s Green Belt for Cyclists, a 65-kilometre-long cycle route that runs through the centre of Madrid.

The Green Belt is divided into six sections, in accordance with the intersections of the six main highways that leave the capital. It connects neighbourhoods and districts that were once separated, thanks to the construction of nine bridges such the one in Canillejas, as well as underpasses that also connect with nearby Metro and train stations.

Updated: 06/09/2020

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Negociado Autorizaciones Rodajes
+34 914 803 723

Calle Mequinenza
28022 Madrid

Distrito: 20 San Blas-Canillejas

Images: Ciudad de Madrid Film Office


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