Gardens of Pablo Sorozábal

Centrally located gardens that are home to a chessboard with six huge pieces.

The Gardens of Pablo Sorozábal are located in Calle Príncipe de Vergara in front of the National Music Auditorium and next to the Cruz del Rayo Neighbourhood. A secluded space that was inaugurated in 2015 and offers a tranquil setting in the centre of the city.

Dedicated to the composer Pablo Sorozábal, these gardens are home to the Chess Park, an installation consisting of a giant board with the 32 chess figures and six large sculptures representing the figures of the king, queen, pawn, rook, knight and bishop. A set of sculptures by Gustavo Herrera, made of polymethylmethacrylate, steel and silicone which, as a special feature at night, is illuminated with LED lights.

The space is completed with a garden area and benches surrounded by maple, cypress and red plum trees. The park has a bronze bust of the composer who lends his name to the gardens. It also offers the possibility of enjoying a lively outdoor café.

Updated: 23/06/2020

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