Calle Gaztambide and Calle Rodríguez San Pedro

Singular buildings at a crossroads in Chamberí.

The junction between Gaztambide Street and Rodríguez San Pedro Street stands out on account of its architectural heterogeneity. What stands out most on this tree-lined, one-way street, on which cars can park along both sides, are the trefoil arches of the Pontifical University of Salamanca building.

In contrast, we also find the so-called Casa de las Flores (now a day-care centre for the elderly), a building that is representative of the rationalist modernity of the 1930s and of the contemporary avant-garde, characterised by the brickwork that covers its five floors and its balconies with abundant vegetation.

Updated: 11/04/2019

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Calle de Gaztambide y Calle de Rodríguez San Pedro
28015 Madrid

Distrito: 07 Chamberí

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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