Goethe-Institut Madrid

Centre for the promotion of German culture, located in a historic building from the beginning of the 20th century.

Goethe-Institut is the official German institute, established to promote and disseminate the culture and language of Germany abroad. Its centre in Madrid is located in a historic building, constructed in 1910, which formerly housed the Colegio Alemán in the Almagro neighbourhood, on the corner of Calle Fortuny.

The building still has the original facade from the start of the 20th century and the main staircase. Other points of interest are the metal fire escape stairs, the cafeteria which opens onto the hall, and the gardens at the building’s entrance.

Various multi-purpose areas are available for filming, including the classrooms and offices, a modern library with natural light, an open-plan exhibition room and a large events hall with access to the gardens.

Updated: 28/07/2020

Useful information

Conditions and availability

Horarios flexibles condicionados a usos habituales.
Posibilidad de rodaje nocturno y fines de semana con costes suplementarios.
Las tarifas se adecuan a cada proyecto.

Features and facilities

Aparcamiento propio con acceso hasta las instalaciones.
Disponen de espacios extra para producción.
Apto para sonido directo.



Ursula Obers-Kraft (Administración)


Calle de Zurbarán, 21
28010 Madrid

Distrito: 07 Chamberí

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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