Instituto Cervantes

A majestic official building, on the crossroads of Gran Vía and Cibeles.

The Instituto Cervantes is a public institute that promotes and teaches the Spanish language and disseminates Spanish and Hispanic American culture. It is located on Calle Alcalá in a unique building, constructed in 1918, known as the Edificio de las Cariátides on account of the female-shaped columns that guard the entrance.

The exterior of the building is characterised by its Ionic columns on the façades overlooking Calle Alcalá and Calle Barquillo. It was formerly the offices of the Banco Central and is accessed through golden revolving doors. The interior has a hall bathed in light, thanks to its stained glass dome.

In the basement are a large events hall and the so-called Caja de las Letras, the bank’s old vault where safety boxes were once stored.

Updated: 28/07/2020

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Conditions and availability

Horarios restringidos condicionados a usos habituales.
Lunes día más factible para rodajes.
Posibilidad de rodaje extras sábado a la mañana con costes suplementarios.

Features and facilities

Dificultad de acceso con vehículos.
Cuentan con montacargas.



Ana María Rego

Calle Alcalá, 49
28014 Madrid

Distrito: 01 Centro

Images: City of Madrid Film Office / Instituto Cervantes


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