Puente de la Culebra

A historic, Baroque-style bridge in the Casa de Campo Park.

The Puente de la Culebra is a historic bridge, designed by Francisco Sabatini and built in 1782 over the Estanque Chico, a damned section of the Meaques stream, which flows into the Manzanares river.

Built of granite masonry, it has four pointed arches on brick piles, cutwaters and abutments.
It is one of the few Baroque Italian constructions in Madrid. Its winding path, together with the leafy vegetation of the Casa de Campo Park, where it is located, make it a place of historic value in the immense natural park.

Updated: 23/06/2020

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Parque de la Casa de Campo
Acceso por Rejas del Arroyo Meaques (carretera de Boadilla del Monte)


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