Rome Park

A green area with a variety of spaces on the edge of the M-30 ring road.

Rome Park is a green area located in the Estrella neighbourhood that runs alongside the M-30 ring road. A recreation area created in 1980 covering an extension of 11 hectares which provides the neighbourhood with an area in which to walk, practice sport and enjoy nature.

A park with some 2,000 trees with a predominance of stone pine and laurel cherry trees. The vegetation alternates between lawns and clumps of bushes. It contains 4 playgrounds, sports courts, an outdoor gym for the elderly and a garden for the blind with aromatic and tactile plants.

Its most outstanding spaces include a small pond and decorative elements such as the city’s coat of arms made with seasonal flowers. A hillside area with views of the motorway and the houses of the El Ruedo neighbourhood. The facilities are rounded off by a 12-metre-high climbing wall with an integrated area of boulders.

Updated: 12/04/2019

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