The Arcades of Calle de Villablanca

An arcade running between blocks of flats.

Calle de Villablanca in the Vicálvaro district is a street of great architectural uniformity. Set out in rows, this open block of flats was built between the end of the 1970s and the 1980s. It is characterised by its network of arcades and columned passageways.

In the northern part of the Calle de Villablanca we find a small tree-lined avenue, with sober façades, arcades and profuse vegetation.

Updated: 29/04/2019

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Negociado Autorizaciones Rodajes
+34 914 803 723

Calle de Villablanca
28032 Madrid

Distrito: 19 Vicálvaro

Images: City of Madrid Film Office


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