The Toledo Bridge

Historic city bridge in Madrid Río Park.

The Toledo Bridge is a 180-metre long and 9.5-metre wide pedestrian bridge over the River Manzanares. The work of architect Pedro de Ribera, it was built in Churrigueresque baroque style between 1719 and 1724.

It comprises nine half-point spans with granite ashlars. There are characteristic semicircles along the paved area, and the two pavilion-shaped bodies at both sides of the central arch house sculptures of San Isidro and Santa María de la Cabeza.

The southern access to the bridge is over a cobblestone ramp, adorned by numerous trees and benches. Beneath the bridge there is a garden on which various paved and unpaved pedestrian paths have been marked out.

From the top of the bridge you can contemplate Madrid Río Park and in the middle of the bridge there are two niches containing limestone statues.

Updated: 29/04/2019

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